Jones, Walker & Lake maintains in strict confidence the information of our clients in accord with the ethical requirements of lawyers set by the Virginia State Bar.

In the course of our practice we often collect very personal information from our clients in order to serve their needs, such as their address, phone numbers, birth date, credit card and social security numbers, email addresses, business interests and connections, banking account information, plans for the disposition of their estates, financial circumstances and records, the identity of family members, and so forth. This information is preserved both in our paper files and in electronic form in our computers.

We believe our clients have a legitimate interest in knowing how we use and protect this information so that it remains private and unavailable to those who have no reason to have access to it and those whom our clients do not want to have it. This would include friends and family members unless we have been instructed otherwise.

In the first place, all lawyers and employees understand to never disclose any client information to any party without the consent of the client or without the personal approval of a lawyer of the firm. Such approval is given only when there is a clear need-to-know basis or as directed by the client or a court. No information is passed on, sold, transferred or exchanged except with the client's knowledge and consent. No information is provided to third parties for surveys or marketing efforts. We do not use cookies to capture client information. All electronic stored information is maintained in secured servers, which are not accessible to outside parties because of secured and confidential passwords. Physical access to the paper files and servers require keys to locked doors in undisclosed locations, including off-site locations.

Paper files are either destroyed after a matter is completed or scanned and stored in the firm's secured servers. After being scanned the original file is shredded unless requested by the client. Original documents, including wills and trusts, are usually given to the client upon execution or, if they prefer, are secured in a lock box at a local bank, to which only firm lawyers have access.

By using our services, clients consent to our privacy policy.

If a question arises regarding our privacy policy, please contact one of the firm's lawyers.

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