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Jones, Walker & Lake has over thirty years of experience in the practice of law on behalf of clients, both individuals and business entities. While in the distant past contracts and disputes could be made and resolved with mutual understanding and a neighborly handshake, the accelerating complexity and anonymity of modern life has made apparently simple agreements a hazardous landmine for the unwary. Each day courts make rulings with novel interpretations of legal principals, whether extending or overruling what once seemed settled law. And each year legislative bodies pass new laws defining or redefining the rights of individuals and businesses. So the body of laws and regulations that impact every citizen is dynamic and in flux, and growing with no end in sight.

As a consequence, Jones, Walker & Lake knows it has had to limit its legal expertise to focus on the particular legal needs of clients. It has chosen law matters that are fairly common to individuals and businesses, including residential and commercial real estate transactions, the organization of businesses, whether as corporations or limited liability companies, and estate planning and administration, including wills, revocable trusts, advance medical directives and probate. While its practice concentrates on informed advice in order to avoid pitfalls, its attorneys have experience at all levels of Virginia courts and it does not hesitate to appear in court contests to advance the interests of clients when called upon to do so.

To provide a brief samplings of the areas of practice Jones, Walker & Lake pursues, below are some explanations of options in real estate and estate planning. The firm welcomes persons or entities interested in becoming clients to call for an appointment and consultation.

Refinancing   Lowered interest rates usually prompt a refinancing boom and a buying and selling spree in residential real estate. The low in mortgage loans was recently reached when 30 year mortgage rates dipped, briefly, below 4%. Since that time rates have climbed back up to the 5% range, which by recent historic standards is still very attractive. The advisability of refinancing is based on one's current interest rate. A percentage point lower is the rough rule of thumb minimum to go forward with refinancing.

There is not much difference in the legal and financing paper work to refinance a loan or to obtain a new one. The chief difference in this process is that there is no seller and the loan approval is easier. Otherwise, one undertakes the same legal obligations and secures the mortgage loan with a mortgage promissory note and deed of trust (aka mortgage) as in the original purchase.

Jones, Walker & Lake has been involved with hundreds of clients in refinancing their home loan. If you have not refinanced and are considering doing so, we advise you to contact us promptly before favorable loan rates change.

Very few companies provide reverse mortgages and they are far more complicated than the normal mortgage. Our advice is to call us and we can put you in touch with a reverse mortgage loan officer who can explain the programs available.

Estate Planning, Wills & TrustsEstate Planning   Jones, Walker & Lake welcomes the opportunity to discuss your plan for the disposition of your estate, and to draft documents that assure your intentions are carried out. The basic documents to be considered are a will, or a revocable living trust, a general power of attorney, and an advance medical directive with a durable power of attorney for health care. We will be glad to explain the purpose of these documents.

Often people are reluctant to take the time to face these decisions, but we believe that everyone has a duty to their loved ones to make their lives easier in the event of your disability or your death. Taking the time to make these sometimes difficult choices is one of the best gifts one can make to family and beneficiaries.

Litigation   Jones, Walker & Lake does not emphasize litigation in its practice, but its attorneys have considerable courtroom experience and the firm does undertake litigation in selected cases. All of the firms attorneys are admitted to practice in all Virginia courts, and at least one of the attorneys is admitted to practice in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

Fees   The fees for our services are based on the time and effort required for our representation. On matters that are frequently done in the course of our representation we are able to quote a typical fee, which assumes that there is nothing unusual or unexpected in providing the service. In matters which are open ended and there is no reasonable basis to estimate the time required, our fees are normally based on the attorney time devoted to the matter based on an hourly rate. We normally do not take cases on a contingency basis.

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